This is dementia. It's not just a memory problem.
What you read in this blog is purely my own personal experience in dealing with Lewy Body Dementia every day.

This is not meant to offer any medical or legal advise.
I have no professional training in care giving or experiences in formal writing.
I'm just a woman that loves her husband deeply and wants to provide him with the best quality of life he can and chooses to have.
My prayer though this is "Lord, What am I learning from this; how can I use it help someone else and to glorify You?"
If just one person finds comfort in this public blog. I will feel like it was a success.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Highest Praise

Tonight, I just received the highest praise I could ever ask for.

Hubby asked me if I wanted to get rid of him.
My reply was was a resounding "Not at all" then I asked why, was he wanting to get away from me?

He looked straight at me and said, "I'd be in a world of hurt without you".


  1. That is so sweet! Congrats on being published!

    1. Thank you Karen,
      My heart will hold that moment for a very long time :)

  2. Well that must have brought a smile to your face! :) It's those little nuggets of endearment that help us press on isn't. :)
    Congrats btw on being published!
    Sending smiles and prayers your way!

    1. Oh yes Sandy,

      I smiled from ear to ear :)
      I may never hear it again and I can't even remember if I've ever heard it in our 30 yrs of marriage but I'm treasuring this moment for a very long time.

      TY also for acknowledging the caregivers Help book.
      It was a pleasure to participate in something that will benefit other caregivers not only by it's words but by the Caregifters fund it will supply.

      By the way, any caregiver that has a funny caregiving story is encouraged to participate in the next of the series. Think about it, will you?

      Prayers and smiles are always appreciated :)

  3. Kathy,
    I am a caregiver for a patient with Lewy Bodies Dementia. I am wondering if I could have your permission to print your blog to share with the other caregivers? It is amazing to read your journey. I am touched.

    1. Hi AJ,

      Thank you for taking the time to check out and comment on my ramblings. :)
      I appreciate that you would like to share my journey with Lewy Body.
      When I first started out, there was little information to find concerning what others were going through and dealing with. I found tech information in medical terms but really wanted more of the human experience I could relate to. I started this blog as a way to do a little "self help" and maybe share with others looking for the same thing I was.
      If you feel like it would benefit others please feel free to share this blog.

      How long have you been a caregiver for Lewy yourself? My heart and prayers are with you through your journey. Please keep in touch :)

  4. Kathy,
    This is so special. It was reported to us two wife caregivers that another husband was sitting between my husband and "Jake". Both my husband and Jake went on and on about us wives how they loved us and would be lost without us. Both my husband and Jake, though, couldn't remember our names! Learned this on Valentines Day and it made our day.

    1. Oh Carol,

      Thank you for that HUGE Smile.
      I can SO relate! LOL!!!
      Glad you had a nice Valentines Day :)

  5. Times like this make everything worthwhile... What a gift!

    1. Sue,

      Yes!! A wonderful gift to get.
      I shall carry that one around for quite some time :)

  6. Kathy,
    I've been searching out blogs about LBD to list on our own blog and as you said, there's not a lot out there. But your's is great! As for info about LBD, do go to our website and check out our book, A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy body Dementia. Our goal was to write a book for caregivers, easy to read but still thorough. We believe we succeeded. http://lbdtools.com
    Helen Whitworth

    1. Helen,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog :)
      You will be please to know that I already have listed in my links of interest, the lbda site. :)
      I've also ordered materials to distribute to Hubby's Home Health Agency in hopes that they would do an inservice for their employees and educate others about Lewy Body. They have expressed interest in having these material YAY!!!
      Education seems to come one person at a time :)

      Again, thank you for taking the time to read about our Lewy Life :)


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