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Monday, September 5, 2011

Lewy's Bicycle Escape Dream

It's been an interesting few days at Lewy's House.
In particular,
If you remember Lewy decided he needed a bicycle. One was purchased for him but he was unable to ride it.
Then he started talking about an adult trike.
I delayed him as long as I could until a trip to a local bike shop was made Friday.

My anxiety always raises it's red flags any time we have to travel from home.
Knowing Lewy has been planning his escape for some time now left me feeling anxious.
First he thought he would get a 2 wheeled bike for his get away.
But that was a no go.
The best he could do was push it across the driveway a couple of times.

Awaiting the trip to the bike store was fueling his eagerness. Lewy had been up for a couple days in a row. Talking about going and getting his new bike. Riding it back to town. (Not home, as he was going to stay in town a 15+ mile trip back. Home is farther)
I suggested when we get there he give it a test run just to make sure he was able to ride it.
Lewy agreed. As it happened that his aide was here for her time, he was annoyed he had to wait.
I, on the other hand could have happily waited until the end of forever.

As soon as we pulled in to the parking lot another customer was taking a "test  spin" on a bike identical to the one Lewy was interested in. She appeared to be a little older and had some physical problem. Lewy watched as she made the parking lot circle with the assistance of the salesman.
We entered the showroom and were greeted by another gentleman.
Lewy was looking at a row of adult trikes and told the man he wanted to try one.
I told Bike Gentleman what Lewy wanted and I also mentioned that Hubby had Lewy Body Dementia. I asked if he would please take that into consideration when dealing with Hubby.
Bike Gentleman was so kind, he smiled and told me he completely understood and that he had his own experience dealing with people with dementia.
Bike Gentleman made me feel at ease.
I explained that Lewy may be trying to plan an escape.
Bike Gentleman and I laughed.

He offered Lewy a test ride in the parking lot.
Lewy mounted trike and Bike Gentleman pulled him outside.
It was apparent that Lewy would not be able to understand the mechanics of peddling and steering.
Balance was still off making turns difficult and Lewy's inability to push the pedal and continue momentum was almost non existent. All in all it was a very disappointing reality for Lewy and as much as I rejoiced that he failed, My heart hurt for Hubby.

Not willing to admit his inability we all entered the showroom for a cooler place.
I could tell Hubby was very disappointed but he never said so
Bike Gentleman asked Hubby what he thought.
Hubby said he thought he needed to sleep on the decision.
Bike Gentleman told Hubby to take all the time he needed.
I then thanked Bike Gentleman and said we would do just that.

Hubby started experiencing mobile melt down when he made a walk to the restroom.
It gradually increased. 
Bike Gentleman offer Hubby a chair and a bottle of water.
He was so kind and considerate and patient.
Hubby stayed in the showroom for over an hour.
Then we left.

Hubby was quiet the ride home and most of the evening.
He later informed me that the small 'ride' through the parking lot was too difficult and he didn't believe he would be able to ride the bike.
I agreed with him and there has been no more word on the subject since.

Maybe now Lewy will leave Hubby alone.

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  1. I can so identify with you, Kathy. Actually I smiled starting to read your saga and hoped for that outcome.

    Hope Lewy remembers that he couldn't drive this other bike and hubby feels your love and support and won't plan an escape!


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